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Tax efficiency is one of the central tasks of company management.

In order to guard against unpleasant surprises in the field of taxation, the financial strategies and decisions of a company must always be examined from the point of view of tax legislation. The financial relationship of companies and their shareholders give rise to a large number of tax-related implications which impact on their tax liabilities. 

The accelerating mobility of companies and staff and the global activities of companies increasingly lead to questions on taxation with an international dimension. The assessment of these questions demands in-depth specialist knowledge and experience. 

Our present taxation system is multi-layered and is barely comprehensible for the uninitiated. Amendments to the law and administrative decisions can have major impacts on the tax situation of companies and individuals. We will assist you to recognise tax risks at an early stage, take advantage of opportunities and minimise tax liabilities. Our qualified and experienced experts (who specialise in the subjects listed below) are at your service to achieve this:

  • Advise legal entities and individuals on all aspects of direct and indirect taxation
  • The preparation of tax returns and tax monitoring
  • Tax consultancy in connection with incorporations, liquidations and restructuring
  • Support in complex fiscal and company restructuring situations such as  changes in corporate form, spin-offs, mergers or transfers of assets
  • Negotiation of tax rulings with tax authorities, representation before official tribunals, the drafting of objections, appeals and complaints
  • Comprehensive support and advise to clients on their Value Added Tax obligations
  • Advice on international tax matters and double-taxation agreements
  • Tax planning for Swiss and foreign companies and individuals with activities in Switzerland and abroad

We cooperate with a law firm in Zürich on the legal aspects of taxation and other legal matters.

Your contact partners

Photo of Karl  Peterhans Karl Peterhans
Swiss Certified Public Accountant, Licensed Audit Expert
Languages: D | E
Phone: +41 56 200 17 48
Photo of Adrian  Meng Adrian Meng
B.Sc. (Economics), University of
St. Gallen, Licensed Audit Expert
Languages: D | E | F | Sp
Phone: +41 56 200 17 33
Photo of Christoph  Meng Christoph Meng
B.Sc. (Economics), Swiss Certified Tax Expert, Licensed Audit Expert
Languages: D | E | F
Phone: +41 56 204 00 48
Photo of Andreas  Rindlisbacher Andreas Rindlisbacher
Swiss Certified Public Accountant, Licensed Audit Expert
Languages: D | E
Phone: +41 56 204 00 58