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In both business and private life legal questions often arise which have to be answered correctly to protect one’s own interests. We are happy to place our professional services at your disposal.

Thanks to our outstanding cooperation with specialists in the field of legal advice, we can guarantee you a professional service in the various aspects of the law. Our specialists can offer you the following services:

  • General legal advice
  • The drafting and re-drafting of contracts, articles of association and regulations
  • Advice on matters concerning inheritance, the drafting of prenuptial and testamentary contracts and the drafting of wills
  • Collaboration in incorporations, the relocation of registered offices and changes in corporate form
  • Conducting the restructuring and liquidation of companies, the execution of wills, bankruptcies, receiverships and the duties of a company administrator
  • The preparation of legal opinions
  • The administration of estates and custodial guardianship functions
  • Acceptance of instructions on the administration of estates
  • The execution of extra-judicial testamentary contracts
  • The representation of administrative authorities

Your contact partners

Photo of Karl  Peterhans Karl Peterhans
Swiss Certified Public Accountant, Licensed Audit Expert
Languages: D | E
Phone: +41 56 200 17 48
Photo of Adrian  Meng Adrian Meng
B.Sc. (Economics), University of
St. Gallen, Licensed Audit Expert
Languages: D | E | F | Sp
Phone: +41 56 200 17 33
Photo of Christoph  Meng Christoph Meng
B.Sc. (Economics), Swiss Certified Tax Expert, Licensed Audit Expert
Languages: D | E | F
Phone: +41 56 204 00 48