Meng und Partner Baden - Wirtschaftsprüfung Steuerberatung Rechtsberatung Unternehmensberatung Treuhand

Location Baden
Bruggerstrasse 21
Phone +41 56 200 17 30
Phone +41 56 221 55 05

The Meng and Partners Group

The individual companies of the Meng and Partners Group are independent Swiss accountancy companies which provide dependable services at both a national and international level to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) as well as individuals.

We have thirty years experience in the fields of auditing, tax, legal and management consulting as well as all aspects of accountancy. Our Group structure today includes four independent accountancy company which is located in Baden. We work with a Zürich law practice for the assessment of complex legal issues as well as matters relating to tax law. With their complete dedication to corporate competence, our specialists use their inter-disciplinary skills and networking for the optimal, focused and efficient resolution of our clients’ problems.

Neue Mehrwertsteuer ab 2018

MwSt-Pflicht in der Schweiz von ausländischen Unternehmen ab 1. Januar 2018
Unternehmen mit Sitz im Ausland, die Schweizer Kunden betreuen oder in der Schweiz tätig sind, werden allenfalls ab 1. Januar 2018 MwSt-pflichtig in der Schweiz.